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TYL Quiz

for social sharing

TYL Certificate

demonstrate your linguistic skills

Ever wondered how good you are at a language? Evolution has made us the ultimate learning machines, but we all love to know how we’re doing. Test Your Language is the perfect way to revitalize language skills for social sharing and professional self-promotion.

TYL Quiz

The perfect way to quickly see how good you are at a language in a fun, social way.

Free quick quiz, just for the fun of it! Find out whether you are a lingo novice or culture vulture. Invite friends and family to the Lingo Challenge

For cultural cats and social chat lovers

For the sheer fun of it!

How long?
5-10 min


TYL Certificate

Designed to identify your level of proficiency in a specific language.

Paid Certificate of language proficiency. Testing 3 / 4 language skills: reading, listening and writing. Mapped to international CEFR/ACTFL levels.

For people looking to get a step up - add to your CV, job or college application.

To prove your linguistic skills to an employer / recruiter.

How long?
45-60 min.


Our formula for Test Your Language is very simple:

  1. Take the Test
    Choose from any of the available languages and set your difficulty
  1. Compare
    Compare your results against TYL levels and see where you rank in the world
  1. Share your results
    Let your boss know; invite your friends; post on social media

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