About TestYourLanguage

We are a free online testing platform for languages and standardized tests developed by learningonline.xyz. Our language proficiency tests are mapped to ACTFL and CEFR levels and test your reading, writing and listening skills while our vocabulary quizzes are a great way to check how well you know and understand vocabulary in Arabic, French, Russian or any other of our 100 languages.

We understand the importance of and need for language testing. A language test helps learners identify their progress so they can continue their learning journey within the correct language level. In addition, they can share their test results with employers, schools and other formal institutions that require proof of language proficiency.

Empowering people through education has always been at the center of what we do. At TestYourLanguage we have also committed towards making further education accessible by providing tuition subsidies for deserving individuals. Whether it’s creating new opportunities, increasing confidence or improving quality of life; education is the answer.