Similarities between Italian and Spanish culture

16 Sep 10 Fun similarities between Italian and Spanish culture

Spanish and Italian, are both languages that are considered romantic languages. It simply means that both languages are part of a large group of languages that are derived from Latin. There are a lot of similarities between the Spanish and Italian languages.

So, let us see some of the fun similarities between both languages.

Similarities between Italian and Spanish culture

Latin roots

The shared Latin roots are the biggest Italian and Spanish cultural similarities because these languages are rooted in Latin, which is the language of the Roman Empire. There are some similar words and pronunciations in the languages. 

Romance languages

As we all know that there are 35 modern Romance languages. These Romance languages have Italian and Spanish language also. 

Conservative languages

Italian and Spanish languages are the most conservative languages out of all the romance languages. These languages are very close to Vulgar Latin, therefore are considered conservative languages.


Food is one of the best cultural similarities between Italian and Spanish because both countries eat a lot of rice, fish, and sweet desserts.


Spain, southern Italy, and Syria, in the middle ages, were trading hubs, and many important and similar buildings were made during that time. 


The next similarity between both countries is that both have four seasons. However, the weather in Spain changes more than the weather in Italy but the temperature of both countries is almost the same. 

Family values

The importance of families in both countries is almost the same. The people of Italy and the Spanish give the most importance to their families as it is the foundation of their culture.


You will love the celebrations in Italy and Spanish because they have carnivals, festivals, and music festivals that people visit from all over the world to enjoy. The Holy celebration and Christmas celebrations are also celebrated by the people of Spanish and Italy.

Friendly people

The people of Italy and the Spanish are very friendly with travelers from all over the world. They all know that people love visiting there and know important it is to welcome visitors.

Budget-friendly travel

Both countries are budget-friendly. It doesn’t mean there is no expensive material. But if you know where to stuck, you will find both countries very affordable. 

Next time you will travel to Italy and Spain, you can also try to find these similarities between both fascinating countries. However, the relationship will always stay the same, doesn’t matter what happens on the political stage.

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