11 ways to make learning Arabic (slightly) easier

14 Sep 11 ways to make learning Arabic (slightly) easier

We all know that Arabic is one of the most difficult languages for English speakers to learn. If you find any book that will make you an expert in the Arabic language in months, never trust that myth. However, if you want to learn Arabic, you should keep in mind some things.

Given below are some tips that you should always follow while learning Arabic.

Tips to make learning Arabic much easy

Know the whole thing about Arabic

You should know that there is not just one Arabic, there are many. There are two versions, i.e., the written and the spoken one. The written version of the Arabic language is the same across the whole Arabic world, however, the spoken version varies from region to region.

Commit to a dialect

You need to study a dialect for natural listening skills before taking classes in Modern Standard Arabic. If you will have some dialect, it will keep your native speakers from laughing at you.

Don’t ditch modern standard Arabic

You can easily pick up the basics of a dialect if you have a good ear for languages. However, if you need written words to remember them, you will have a harder time. You will have fluency in a variety of situations with MSA.

Build crazy mnemonics

There are not so many English-Arabic cognates, which means that you cannot guess the vocabulary as you do in French and Spanish.

Flashcards are your friends

Arabic has a bottomless well of vocabulary for a few cognates that depend on if you are reading a newspaper or listening to a sitcom. Try to make a flashcard for the words.

Keep it simple

Never use arcane vocabulary. Try to resist the charms of the Arabic oddities across the dictionary.

Set goals

You should have a specific achievement in your mind because it is the only way to pick key vocabulary from a sea of synonyms.

Memorize whole phrases

Try to learn those phrases which you read in the newspaper with very particular meanings. It will make you more fluent.

Polite ones

In Arabic, it will go beyond when you say “please and thank you”, with setting expressions for every possible occasion.

Use tech with care

You can get a teacher via Skype by taking the advantage of globe-shrinking technology, in case you do not have a native speaker.

Try to say, even little

It applies to all foreign languages, but especially to Arabic because all the grammar rules in Arabic can easily terrify you in silence. So, if you feel that you want to learn Arabic, you can use all these 11 ways that will help you understand the language easily.

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