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13 Jul 12 English slang terms everyone needs in 2022

Change is necessary with the passage of time and even more important is to be more advanced by time so that we are not left behind.2021 is already over and now the old slang has no value. However, many older slang words are still being used extensively and they do not seem to be very old. So let us teach you some new and amazing English slang which you can use with your friends and look different and smart. These slangs seem very advanced and modern, which is also a lot of fun and pleasure to use.

12 best English slang terms everyone needs to add to the slang list in 2022


Rent-free slang is used for the meaning of something or someone which is not getting out of your mind and heart. In other words, if you do not control your mind to think about someone or something in your mind then rent-free slang is used.

Miss Rona

Miss Rona is the best slang to blame for something. It is used to blame anything. For example, if you do not go on vacation for any reason then you can say, “I do not go on vacation thanks to this Rona”

Main character

The main character is the person or thing whom you like most in any situation or acting. You may like his dress, personality, body, character, etc. I.e. he was the main character of the movie for me.

Caught in 4k

When a person is caught openly doing some mistake in front of everyone, for which he refuses. For example, ‘You caught them in 4k with all the proof and evidence.

The blueprint

It is used as a compliment for someone. If someone is really very good at something or he does anything exactly the way it should be, then it is said to be the blueprint of that work.


Bussing is usually used to give compliments on any food item. Such as if you like any food or substance then you can say, “This food is very bussin’ “.


The slang flex is used for someone who shows off in front of anyone. For example, “Your Friend is flexing his richness only on Instagram”


Mutual is very popular and older on social media yet useful slang to use which looks modern and beautiful. It is used for two friends who have a very deep friendship or understanding.

Sleeping on

“Sleeping on” is used for something or someone which is not interesting and engaging or something tedious. I.e. “I’m sleeping on this song.”

Hits different

Use ‘hits different’ slang for something or someone who interacts with you or makes you feel different from others. Something which gives a more intense feeling.

Go off

When you get tired and exhausted with someone or something. Or in other words, if something is annoying then go off slam can be used.

CEO of

You should use this slang when someone is really very good at something or has achieved mastery of something, i.e. ‘You are the CEO of acting and singing.

Apart from all this slang, you can also create your own slang to use. It is not very hard to create your own. By using modern slang terms you can actually make your English communications more interesting and appealing.

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