25 Most Popular Lebanese Arabic Phrases

20 Mar 25 Most Popular Lebanese Arabic Phrases – You Need to Know

Arabic is one of the most widely spoken languages across the globe. Lebanese Arabic is a variety of Levantine Arabic and it’s spoken primarily in Lebanon. The dialect is closely related to Syrian and Jordanian Arabic. A large portion of the Lebanese population speaks Lebanese Arabic, French, and English and it’s common for these languages to be mixed together. Like with every country, Lebanese have their own slang words and phrases that they use in everyday conversations.

Here are 25 of the most commonly used words phrases in Lebanese Arabic that you can use the next time you visit a Lebanese restaurant or the charming country of Lebanon.

English Arabic Pronunciation
Hello مرحبا  Marhabaa
Welcome اهلا وسهلا Ahlan wa Sahlan
What are you doing  ماذا تفعل (M)
ماذا تفعلي (F)
Madha tafaal (M)
Madha tafaali (F)
Good morning صباح الخير  Sabah al khayr
Good afternoon طاب مسائك (M)
طاب مساؤكي (F)
Tab masaak (M)
Tab masaaouiki(F)
Good night تصبح على خير (M)
تصبحي على خير (F)
Tusbih ealaa khayr (M)
Tusbahi ealaa khayr (F)
How are you كيفِك (M)
 كيفك (F)
Kifak (M)
Kifik (F)
Good جيد  Jayid
Goodluck حظا سعيدا Hazan saeidaan
Thank you شُكرًا Shukran
You’re welcome على الرحب و السعة
أهلاً وسهلاً
Alaa alrahab w alsiea
Ahlan wa sahlan
Where are you? وينك Waynak?
I am at home أنا بل بيت Ana bel beit
Are you coming? جايي Jeye?
Yes, I am coming إي جايي Eh jeye
What’s new? شو لأخبار Shu el akhbar?
Where are you going? وين رايح Wen rayih?
What’s for lunch? شو الغذاء؟ Shou el ghada?
Pleased to meet you تشرفنا Tsharafna
Have a nice meal صحتين Sahtayn
I’m … years old عمري … سنة Oomri … sana
It’s still early بعدا بكير Baadaa bakir
Today اليوم Lyom
Tomorrow بوكرا Boukra
Yesterday مبارح Mberih


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