Interesting Facts About The Bulgarian Language That Most People Don’t Know

19 Dec Interesting Facts About The Bulgarian Language That Most People Don’t Know


The letters of the Bulgarian language are different but some look like Latin, however, they are pronounced differently. It simply indicates that the Bulgarian language is a little confusing. If you want to make the words familiar, first you should know the Russian language. Moreover, its grammar with 9 tenses will drain you out. Here are some more interesting facts about this language.

  • The Bulgarian language has 30 letters
    This language has 30 letters of which 6 are vowels and the rest are consonants. But in the late 1800s, it has a 32 alphabet language system which was then lowered down to 30 in 1945.
  • Macedonian used to be Bulgarian
    Most linguists considered the Macedonian language to be a part of Bulgarian until the end of World War II. However, it is not their mistake. Both languages are so similar that they can be considered two different dialects of one language. And at that time, this dialect was spoken by the people of Bulgaria all the way through Macedonia to North Greece.
  • The first written down language
    Bulgarian was the first language to appear in the written form out of all the Slavic languages. This language was written in the 10th or 11th However, back then, now this language is very different from the old one. Therefore, the old language is now considered the old Bulgarian.
  • Cyrillic script
    Two Bulgarian brothers, Cyril and Methodius, in the early 9th century, created the Cyrillic script. This script is still used in some parts of Bulgarian, Russian, Serbian, and some other Slavic languages.
  • 200000 words in Contemporary words
    Contemporary words are considered those words which are a mixture of Slavic and Proto-Bulgarian words. It includes the language Greek, Latin, Turkish, Russian, and English. So, there are around 200000 words in the language as per the record of the Bulgarian Academy of Science’s Institute for the Bulgarian language.
  • Special holiday for the Bulgarians
    May 24 is the day of celebration for the Bulgarians. They celebrate their language, culture, and script. Moreover, all the Bulgarian Orthodox Church celebrates this day in the name of two brothers who invented the Cyrillic language.


The Bulgarian language is a very interesting language, no doubt it is a little difficult but very interesting. So, if you want to know more about this language, contact us today!

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