Learn How To Read Fast In IELTS Reading

21 Oct Learn How To Read Fast In IELTS Reading

The time constraint is probably the most obvious factor making the IELTS Reading Exam challenging. It’s difficult to complete all of those problems on three separate selected texts in an hour. How do you therefore succeed? Is there a solution that could help you read faster?

No, there are regrettably no shortcuts to passing the IELTS Reading Examination. You can, therefore, think about a few other strategies.

Generally, we read more quickly when we are skimming for the text’s central ideas or hunting for certain words or phrases (scanning). While employing these talents is crucial, doing so exclusively will cause us to overlook crucial information and provide incorrect responses.

IELTS reading questions come in various forms, requiring a unique approach and combination of skimming, scanning, and attentive reading. To help you get better, I urge you to study each of my lectures on each sort of question.

IELTS Exam Tips for Speed Reading

Each question does not need you to read the entire book. Read only what you absolutely must, then go on.

• If you do come across one, you may choose to either ignore it or infer what something means from the words and phrases around it. Even natural speakers will occasionally struggle to grasp a few words.
• In general, the more straightforward questions are found earlier in the paper, while the more challenging ones are found later.
• Stop reading if you find yourself whispering or speaking quietly while you’re reading. You have to think about a word for longer as a result.
• Before reading the material, read the questions. Your mind will become more attentive to your search as a result.

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The benefit of speed reading

Speed reading is a talent that can be developed with practice and the right techniques, just like any other. The following benefits are yours to enjoy when you learn to read more quickly:
• You will find it simpler and quicker to comprehend the overall meaning of the entire text and each paragraph. You’ll be able to identify the right solutions more quickly.
• You’ll feel more confident going into the exam than you did previously.
• You’ll have more time to consider your responses and ensure they’re accurate. At the conclusion, you will have the opportunity to review your responses.


In summary, there is no quick fix to improving your IELTS Scalable; nevertheless, if you practice diligently and employ the strategies wisely, any of the above can be applied effectively, and you can improve your reading speed significantly.

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