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13 Sep How to Make Learning the English Language Easier

English is definitely one of the more challenging languages for non-native speakers to learn. Learning the English language can be a long process but Test Your Language is here to help with these quick tips!

Tips for Learning the English Language


Acronyms are everywhere in the English language! Things like PEMDAS, LOL, NASA, and so many more. We see them often in our government, schools, and online. These are intended to help you remember the certain order of things, like PEMDAS, which is the mathematical order of operations.

Goal Setting

Make sure you’re keeping track of your progress! There will be nothing more rewarding than picking up a newspaper in English, such as the Wall Street Journal, and realizing that you can read it. Set goals for yourself while you’re learning the English language such as “16 months from now, I will be able to read a short article from the Wall Street Journal.”

Cater your goals to your needs, it takes some people longer. Only you can be the judge of how far you’ve truly come.

The Internet: The Ultimate English Learning Tool

From online courses to the vast amount of blogs written in English, there’s no shortage of resources. More than half of the internet is written in English and that doesn’t include things like YouTube or Instagram videos that are filmed in English. With the internet on your side, the World is your oyster.

Practice Patience

Learning English takes roughly 1200 hours. That’s a long time, go at your own pace. Even native English speakers aren’t always perfect. As mentioned above, learning the English language can be challenging, make sure you set goals to keep track of your progress!

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