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25 Oct Mike McGregor’s Experience With Cudoo’s ASL Course

Why Should Someone Take An American Sign Language Course?

If you are looking for a fast and effective way to communicate using sign language then this is the course for you. ASL (American Sign Language) courses are made specifically for beginners who wish to practice sign language either for work purposes or simply for the people around them. It has three levels and a special course on Babies and Toddlers.

I completed level one and was really impressed by how well the course was structured. I personally loved it and enjoyed every single moment of the course. Additionally, I was totally surprised by how much sign language we use in our daily lives without even knowing it.

I have been a teacher of the English language for over 20 years now and had problems communicating with some of my students that had a hearing impairment. Due to my busy work schedule, I did not have much time to attend classes but wanted to do something about communication gaps with my students.

This is when I came across the ASL online course for all ages. Cudoo’s ASL (American Sign Language) is the best course for people that want to develop their language skills and learn at the comfort of their own home, time, and pace.

Course Quality

Excellent quality and surely value for money. I found the Level one ASL (American Sign Language) course is suitable for all ages as it begins with very basic signs for the alphabet, numbers, days of the week, and much more.

The course is designed to teach the properties of sign language and deaf culture. It teaches the importance of facial expressions and the movement of hands, hence not all the words can be expressed by sign only, facial expression is incorporated to complete the meaning.

After every sign, a short video shows you exactly how to make the movement with your hands and face. Moreover, this video can be repeated as many times as you wish until you have a grip of it or even practice it with other members of your family.

As clarity is the importance of sign language the videos are recorded in a slow speed and can be played as many times as one likes. In addition, at the left of the course page, a dictionary with a variety of words is presented so you may look up the individual words you may require for a specific moment.

Course Overview

ASL (American Sign Language) is a fascinating language as it is used without words. It is a visual language formed by hand movements, facial expressions, and gestures.

The magnificence of Sign language is that it is used all around the world and in all situations in order to communicate with people who are Deaf. As sign language differs in regions and countries a lot of research has been conducted as to which are the latest and most popular signs used in the Cudoo ASL course. An increasing number of universities now accept having an ASL certificate in return for credits in the foreign language credit requirements.

Table Of Contents For ASL Level 1:

The interface is extremely easy to use and straightforward. The complete list of lessons makes up the entire course and you can click on the one you wish to learn in any order. A preview of the lesson is shown below.

ASL - American Sign Language - Online Language Course

Think Pictures

In order to sign well it is important to visualize the pictures of your thoughts because the sense of hearing does not exist. Deaf people rely mainly on their sense of vision to interpret what they see with their hands. Facial expressions are just as important as what your hands are doing. Sign these expressions as the actual way you “feel”.


ASL (American Sign Language) level one is a basic introduction to the American Sign Language. It is value for money and fun for all ages. It is recognized by some universities as a language credit requirement. By completing this course one will be able to communicate with basic words and short phrases by using hand gestures and facial expressions.

Course Certificate

As with any other accredited course a certificate is issued at the end of the course. A total of 9 quizzes will have to be completed and submitted prior to receiving the certificate. The certificate can be printed upon completion of the course and can be included in one’s resume hence adding value for the purpose of continuous development. 


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