How to Study For A Language Test1
26 Dec

How to Study For A Language Test

Learning a new language is always beneficial and adds a great deal of confidence to your personality, personally and professionally. It is observed that knowing more than two languages dramatically widens your prospects and opens new doors of opportunities on all fronts. Thanks to technology,...

college application
03 Oct

Take Your College Application to The Next Level With These 4 Things

Although it seems like school just started, the early admissions deadlines are quickly approaching. Typically, these early college applications are due mid-November. If you're thinking about college this seriously, it's likely your grades are what they are at this point and that's okay! If you weren't a star student there are still plenty of ways you can "wow" the admissions board at the college of your choice! If you were an all-star student, here are ways you can ensure you get into your top choice.
06 Sep

Great College Scholarships for Language Learners

In our post from last week, A Beginners Guide to College Scholarships, we discussed the basics of scholarships and applying to college. There are many ways to get college scholarships, standing out amongst the crowd is the easiest way to get them. Knowing a language has plenty of benefits, but it's a really great boost to your college applications. There's no shortage of scholarships for language learners.