The Benefits Of Learning French and 10 Surprising Facts About This Fascinating Language

20 Jan The Benefits of Learning French… and 10 Surprising Facts About This Fascinating Language

It is rightly said, ‘Change your language and you change your thoughts.’ Languages help you to grow and interact with people widely. It changes our perspective toward everything. Learning French is one of them. It is a global language where you can also look forward to various professional opportunities.

French is very easy to learn. You only need the right guidance and a small amount of concentration. The language has its own charm and it attracts people throughout.

There are many interesting facts about French. The top 10 surprising facts about French:

  • ‘French’ has not been popular because of ‘France. Until the 19th century, the French language was only spoken in Germany and Holland.
  • The French language is so unique that it doesn’t have any words starting with the letter ‘W.’
  • 29% of the English vocabulary has been derived from French. It’s so strange.
  • French is one of the most spoken languages. In fact, what’s fascinating is that it is the 6th widely spoken language.
  • The common letter used in French is ‘E.’ You read it right. ‘E’ is the letter that is used more often.
  • French has been given a sweet nickname, the language of love. People who are in love prefer to share their feelings in French because it is considered to be the most romantic love language.
  • The language has many silent letters. For example, x,h,n,t, and s. They are used in words but are silent that you might possibly think these letters are not included.
  • Have you heard about ‘Anagram?’ An Anagram is when you rearrange letters of one word and after rearranging the word actually exists. For example, “endolori” means painful. If you rearrange it, it will become “indolore” which is a word, and that means painless.
  • The longest word is “Anticonstitutionnellement”. What does the word mean? The longest word means ‘unconstitutional.’
  • ‘You might think that the word ‘Oh LàLà’ is a fun word. But in French, it refers to ‘oh, no.’

These are the strange and most attractive facts about the French language. You should definitely give it a try. The French language is very fun and it will drive other people crazy if you speak in front of them.

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