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Why take our Bulgarian Vocabulary Quiz?

Bulgarian was the first Slavic language to be written. It first appeared in writing during the 9th century using the Glagolitic alphabet, which was gradually replaced by an early version of the Cyrillic alphabet over the following centuries.

Languages Related to Bulgarian

Below are a few languages that are related to Bulgarian in that they also belong to the Balto-Slavic branch of the Indo-European language family:

Belarusian Russian
Bosnian Serbian
Croatian Slovak
Czech Slovenian
Macedonian Ukrainian
Did you know?

Bulgarian is very closely related to Macedonian, the two languages being largely mutually intelligible.

Bulgaria is located at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, and the lands of Bulgaria have been populated since antiquity. Stories and folklore still form an important part of life, where legends and traditions are passed down through the generations.

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