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Why take our Flemish Vocabulary Quiz?

Flemish is the official language of Flanders, the northern region of Belgium, as well as the Brussels-Capital Region. It is one of the three official languages of Belgium, along with French and German. Flemish is spoken by around 6 million people, mostly in Belgium and in some parts of the Netherlands, France, and Germany, which makes it an important language for international trade, diplomacy, and culture in the region.

Languages Related to Flemish

Below are a few languages that are related to Flemish in that they also belong to the Germanic branch of the Indo-European language family:

Afrikaans Icelandic
Alsatian Jeirriais
Danish Luxembourgish
Dutch Norwegian
Faroese Scots
Frisian Swedish
German Yiddish
Did you know?

The Flemish language has a unique sound that is not present in English. It is represented by the letter “g” in Flemish and Dutch and is pronounced further back in the throat than the English “g”. This sound is known as a “voiced velar fricative” and is similar to the sound made in the Scottish pronunciation of the “ch” in “loch”. The Flemish “g” can be a difficult sound for non-native speakers to learn, but mastering it can greatly improve one’s ability to speak the language fluently.

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