Danish is typically very easy for native English speakers to learn!

  • Danish has developed from ‘Old Norse’, a North Germanic language, once spoken in Scandinavia. It is a language of culture generating many pioneering major works of literature; think of Kierkegaard, Hans Christian Andersen, and Karen Blixen.

    Even though it rains more than 150 days a year in Denmark, Danes are considered to be the happiest people on Earth. They even have the term “Janteloven” which is an important part of their culture. It means no one is better than anyone else and everyone is accepted as equal.

    Historically, the Danish combine an initial reserve with a friendly outlook. Embrace Danish and embrace the culture of ‘hygge’. ‘Hygge’ roughly translates as the notion of a cozy and warm ambiance with friends and family, and the concept comes with its own nouns and adjectives!

    This beautiful language is mainly spoken in Denmark but you can hear Danish vocabulary all over the world with approximately 6 million speakers. In certain parts of Germany, Greenland, and the other Nordic countries like Norway. Danish is even so important that they teach it nationwide throughout schools in Greenland. Most Danes speak English but you can avoid any awkward situations on your next trip by knowing that not everyone is fluent in English.

    Learn Danish online and you’re sure to impress the locals, even if it’s not perfect!

    Danish is typically very easy for native English speakers to learn. The Danish language doesn’t even conjugate their verbs! This language will be even easier if you already know Swedish or German.

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