Learn English with Movies and Film

  • Why Learning English with Movies and Film Works

    After all, watching movies is supposed to be fun, right? So, how can you learn while having so much fun with the film? And more importantly, why should you learn English with movies instead of with textbooks?
    Here are three reasons I believe it works, and why I recommend learning the language this way.

    • You’ll get to learn real English… not textbook English. The English you learn through textbooks or in ESL class is not what you’ll hear people say on the street. For example, in beginner English classes, you might have learned how to say “nice weather we’re having” or “it’s raining cats and dogs.” While these phrases are technically correct, we almost never say these in real life.

    In contrast, the English spoken in movies is very natural. It’s also very close to what you’ll hear if you speak with native English speakers too. This will help improve your spoken English.

    • You learn English words in contextThis is one of my favorite aspects of watching movies. Let’s say that you like watching crime films (these are great!). After watching 10 or 20 movies, you’ll start to learn vocabulary related to the context, or subject, of crime.

    Usually, when we learn words traditionally (e.g. in school), we study things like vocabulary lists. The problem with learning new words with vocabulary lists is that you can learn what words mean, but not where and how they are used.
    Let me give you an example.
    I’m sure that one of the first phrases you wanted to learn in English was “I love you.” But did you imagine that depending how you say it out loud, it can be very different?
    “I love you” — You might hear this after two people (especially lovers) fight! One person may be trying to say to the other person “I really love you… why don’t you believe me!?”
    “I love you” — A person might really want to say “I love you (and not anyone else…don’t worry!)”
    “I… LOVE… YOU” — This might be a person saying “I love you” in a very loud voice… while trying to really confess their love!
    “I LOVE YOU!!” — The person might be saying “I love you”… while they’re really angry!
    If you hear these phrases out loud, they will make perfect sense to you!

  • This is great! Couldn't agree more.

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