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Why take our Galician Vocabulary Quiz?

Galician is a Romance language spoken in the northwestern region of Spain, with approximately 31% of the Galician population speaking it daily. Knowing Galician can be a valuable addition to your skillset, particularly if you plan to visit or work in Galicia.
With an increasing interest in Galician culture and efforts to promote the language, showing proficiency in the Galician language can demonstrate cultural awareness and may open up opportunities for growth.
Taking our Galician Vocabulary Quiz is a fun way to test your knowledge of this unique language and improve your understanding of the local culture. So, take our quiz today and discover how much you know about this fascinating language!
Languages Related to Galician

Below are a few languages that are related to Galician in that they also belong to the Italic branch of the Indo-European language family:

Abbruzzese Occitan
Brazilian Portuguese Portuguese
Catalan Provencal
Corsican Romanian
French Romansh
French Slang Sardinian
Haitian Sicilian
Italian Spanish
Did you know?

During the Franco regime in the 20th century, Galician was suppressed and discouraged in schools and public life, leading to a decline in its use. However, with the advent of democracy in Spain, Galician regained official recognition as a co-official language of Galicia alongside Spanish in 1983.

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