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Why take our Georgian Vocabulary Quiz?

Are you interested in learning a unique language with a rich literary tradition dating back to the 12th century? Georgian is a Kartvelian language with its own script and notable features like an agglutinative morphology and a lack of grammatical gender. With around 4.3 million speakers worldwide, Georgian is the official language of the country of Georgia and is used in all government institutions, education, and the media.

Proficiency in the Georgian language can help you communicate better and exchange ideas with people from Georgia and the Caucasus region. It can also open up various career opportunities in the government, business, or education sectors in Georgia. Take our Georgian vocabulary quiz to test and enhance your knowledge of this captivating language and culture.

Did you know?

A country of natural beauty, it borders the stunning Caucasus mountain range, one of the pillars holding up the world in Greek mythology. It’s language is just as rugged, reflecting its tumultuous history and spirit.

Did you know? The word for “hi” in Georgian, “Gamarjoba!”, literally means victory. Don’t get us wrong, it’s a tough language, but well worth the effort. Many of their words are an emotional expression of their values and history, which means you really connect culturally when you learn their language.

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