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Why take our Hausa Vocabulary Quiz?

Hausa, also spelled Haussa, Houssa, or Housa, is a Chadic language with about 44 million speakers, spoken mainly in northern Nigeria and Niger. The Hausa are one of the largest tribes in West Africa, and due to their Arabic roots, the Hausa have been predominantly Muslim since the 14th century.

Languages Related to Hausa

Below are a few languages that are related to Hausa in that they also belong to the Afroasiatic language family:

Lebanese Arabic
Did you know?

The architecture of the Hausa is perhaps one of the least known but most beautiful of the medieval age, retaining many of their early bright and colorful mosques and palaces.

Hausa is written in Arabic characters, and about one-fourth of its words come from Arabic. The Hausa tend to be quiet and reserved, however, in the same way as Arabic, storytelling, local dramas, and performances are very popular forms of traditional entertainment, making the most of this musical language!

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