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Why take our Icelandic Vocabulary Quiz?

If you learn Icelandic, you will have a very strong understanding of Old Norse, the mother of all Scandinavian languages. Icelandic has remained more or less untouched since medieval times, and 12th-century texts can be understood even now.

Languages Related to Icelandic

Below are a few languages that are related to Icelandic in that they also belong to the Germanic branch of the Indo-European language family:

Afrikaans German
Alsatian Jeirriais
Danish Luxembourgish
Dutch Norwegian
Faroese Scots
Flemish Swedish
Frisian Yiddish
Did you know?

From the ancient Icelandic sagas to the haunting music of modern day Björk, the Icelanders celebrate their culture and protect the purity of the language.

Because of its complex inflectional system, which is lost in the other Scandinavian languages, it is more difficult to learn. However, once you have a base in Icelandic, the others are fantastically easy to learn!

Did you know? Despite the name, Iceland is nowhere near as icy as Greenland. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, it has a relatively temperate climate, although it still has those long, dark winters.

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