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Why take our Kachchi Vocabulary Quiz?

Spoken by approximately 860,000 people, Kachchhi, also known as Kutchi, is an Indo-Aryan language spoken in Gujarat, India, and in parts of Pakistan. It has its own script called Khojki, which is no longer extensively used and is primarily written in Devanagari. Kachchhi has an extensive oral history of folk songs, proverbs, and stories that define the Kutch region’s cultural character. It has played a key role in the development and economy of the Kutch region, being utilized for trade and commerce as well as promoting contact among the region’s different communities. Proficiency in Kachchhi can help you get a job in language translation, interpretation, or cross-cultural communication, giving you a competitive advantage in a worldwide market. Don’t pass up this chance to improve your language abilities and obtain a better understanding of Kachchhi’s rich cultural legacy.

Languages Related to Kachchi

Below are a few languages that are related to Kachchi in that they also belong to the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European language family:

Assamese Nepali
Bengali Oriya
Dari Punjabi
Gujarati Sindhi
Hindi Sinhala
Marathi Urdu
Did you know?

Kachchhi has a special feature called “implosives”, which are sounds produced by sucking in air instead of blowing it out, making it a truly unique language.

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