The Wonders Of The Arabic Language

07 Nov The Wonders Of The Arabic Language: The Stunning Middle Eastern Tongue

With over 422 million speakers around the globe, Arabic is the 6th most spoken language in the world. More than 25 countries have given this language the status of their official language. Arabic is the most popular spoken language in Middle Eastern countries and holds an amazing linguistic culture and history.

So, let us explore some amazing facts and information about the language and understand how learning Arabic will benefit you.

Arabic is the language widely spoken in Middle Eastern countries. Here its culture and importance can be clearly understood. Most of the countries in the Middle East are Arabic speaking and it has a vast historical base. The Arabic language has some of its characteristics and features, which attract a large number of non-Arabic speakers.

  • Endless Arabic words: Arabic is a language made up of millions of words. In this, more than 120000 words exist, which have different meanings. Most of these words are absolutely unique and interesting in themselves. Learning the Arabic language benefits you from an extensive Arabic vocabulary and also exposes you to words from other influenced languages.
  • The influence of Arabic on the English language: A tremendous influence of the Arabic language is seen in the English language. Cotton, zero, Average, Algebra, Coffee, and Alcohol are some of the popular English words borrowed from the Arabic language. Not only English but Arabic has also deeply influenced many other languages as well.
  • Arabic has exclusive sounding words: There are many such words in the Arabic language, which are not found in any other language. There are some words in this language that sound different. For example, ‘ح’ is pronounced h.
  • 14 words for love and hundreds of words for camel: One of the most interesting and amazing facts is that in the Arabic language there exist more than 14 words for love and more than 100 words for the camel. isn’t it surprising to have different words for one meaning.
  • Most unchanged language: Whether you take English or any other language, every language changes with time. But Arabic is such a language in which almost zero changes have taken place. Many different spoken Arabic dialects have emerged over time, but there has been no change in written Arabic. This is a matter of fact and discussion. 


So next time if you are planning a trip to Middle Eastern countries or trying to learn a new language, do not forget to take the Arabic language into account. It will have fun and vast learning as well. Just be enthusiastic and eager to learn the new stunning Middle Eastern tongue.

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