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Why take our Marathi Vocabulary Quiz?

Being the third most spoken language in India, Marathi is the official language of communication in Maharashtra. There are approximately 90 million fluent Marathi speakers globally.

Knowing Marathi can give you a deeper understanding of the customs, traditions, arts, literature, and history of Maharashtra, ultimately making you more connected to them.

Languages Related to Marathi

Below are a few languages that are related to Marathi in that they also belong to the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European language family:

Assamese Nepali
Bengali Oriya
Dari Punjabi
Gujarati Sindhi
Hindi Sinhala
Kachchi Urdu
Did you know?

Marathi follows the Devanagari script, the same as Hindi; hence, people who know either language can understand others easily.

The most amazing thing about Marathi is that it has 42 dialects bordering other regional languages and has borrowed features from those languages.

A large portion of Marathi vocabulary comes from Sanskrit, although it also has some influences from Persian, Portuguese, and English.

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