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Why take our Navajo Vocabulary Quiz?

Navajo is an Athabaskan language spoken predominantly in the United States’ southwest, particularly on the Navajo Nation reservation. It has a complex morphology, is tonal, and is verb-based. The language has a lengthy history and has been subjected to assimilation attempts, although there are currently initiatives underway to reinvigorate and preserve it. Learning Navajo can bring cultural appreciation, personal enrichment, professional growth, linguistic interest, and help preserve the language.

Did you know?

Navajo speakers were utilized as code-talkers by the US military during WWII to deliver secret messages in Navajo that opposing forces could not understand. This code was never broken and is credited with aiding the Allies’ victory in World War II. The code talkers were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal in 2000, and the Navajo language is still utilized as a code language by the military today.

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